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Biochar by High Plains Biochar

Stainless Steel Biochar Keg

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About the Stainless Steel Biochar Keg Stoves

Looking for a simple way to make biochar using your fire pit or barrel stove? Try these biochar kegs from High Plains Biochar. These will work in a standard 55 gallon barrel stove you can find for sale and can be found at farm and ranch stores from suppliers like US stove.

Simply fill it with wood chips, bone, corn stalks, hemp, sawmill waste, branches, etc. and throw it in your wood stove or fire pit. As the keg warms up the moisture will cook off and then the pyrolysis process will begin. Cook until there is no more gas coming out of the vents and you have made biochar. At that point you can let it cool overnight with no quenching required or you can let it cool off enough to handle and then add some water to quench the biochar. It's really that simple. Keg is appx 9" round x 24" tall. Keg capacity is appx 5 gallons and yields around 2 gallons of biochar per batch. Includes keg with vents, hinged lid with seal, pin, and clip. All stainless construction to hold up to the heat.

Stainless Steel Biochar Keg Stove by High Plains Biochar

Watch: Stainless Steel Biochar Kegs by High Plains Biochar


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