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High Plains Biochar Coop Logo Image. Located in Laramie Wyoming.

Introducing the
High Plains Biochar CO-OP


Proud to be on the forefront of Biochar innovations and technology we wanted to put together an initiative to promote others to join in the Biochar Movement. We're creating the first of it's kind, Biochar Co-Op. 

Our Co-Op members will be able to generate income from the carbon credits which they create through their own biochar production. 

High Plains Biochar offers two carbon-negative technologies that enable anyone with biomass (such as wood chips) to create both heat and biochar, a charcoal-like substance typically used as a soil amendment. Users of our biochar technology can verify the carbon credits they produce and market them through our Co-op as a third income stream. When you combine the heat generated, the biochar, and the carbon credits produced it's never been easier to get involved with removing carbon from the atmosphere.  

The co-op will remotely monitor the amount of carbon that is produced through data collection, verify the carbon credits produced, and distribute carbon-credit payments to individual member producers. 

Interested? If you want to learn more you can visit our Biochar Co-Op Site by clicking HERE or the button below. 

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