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Biochar Equipment

Are you interested in owning your own biochar stove? We offer two different biochar technologies for sale. The Boulder Biochar Barrell and the RocketChar 301. Our Biochar Stoves are American made in  Laramie, Wyoming. Both Models are very limited in availability.

   We currently have biochar stove units in stock and ready to ship. 
Contact us today with any questions or to reserve your unit. 

Opportunities available for International Franchises and patent ownership available on a country by country basis. We welcome all dealers & international distributors as well. Contact us today for more details. 

Boulder Biochar Barrel

Unlike other biochar technologies that are complicated, expensive, or not made to last, the Boulder Biochar Barrel is simple, affordable, and built to withstand the heat/weather with all stainless construction. This is for people from Indiana to India who have biomass waste and want to turn it into heat and biochar.   You can even generate electricity with the BBB. Click the blue button below to learn more. 

RocketChar 301 Biochar Stoves

Our RocketChar Biochar Furnaces utilize rocket stove technology to create biochar from wood chips, wood pellets, corn, crop residues, hemp, cannabis, and other biomass. We currently have RocketChar units in stock and ready to ship.  Contact us to reserve yours today.   Find out more about the Rocketchar 301 Biochar Stove by clicking the blue button below. 

Watch: RocketChar 301 FAQ's 

Stainless Steel Biochar Keg

Looking for a simple way to make biochar using your fire pit or barrel biochar stove? Try these biochar kegs from High Plains Biochar. These will work in a standard 55 gallon barrel stove you can find for sale and can be found at farm and ranch stores from suppliers like US stove.

Biochar Stove Keg Stainless Steel

Dealers & Distributors

Do you have an interest in selling biochar stoves? We offer international franchise opportunities and patent ownership on a country-by-country basis. We extend a warm welcome to all dealers and international distributors. Please contact us for further information.

Biochar Stove Keg Stainless Steel
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