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Biochar Equipment

Are you interested in owning your own biochar furnace and learning how to make your own biochar?

With all of the numerous benefits of biochar becoming more widely known and widely spread we increasingly get asked about our biochar furnaces. Learn how to and make biochar with ease in the comfort of your own backyard or property.

Our Biochar Furnaces are American made  in Laramie, Wyoming with high-quality American Materials and Skill. 

Our RocketChar Biochar Furnaces are very limited in availability.   We currently have units in stock and ready to ship.

Contact us today with any questions or to reserve your unit. 

Watch: RocketChar 301 Installation Overview

Watch: RocketChar 301 FAQ's 

Rocket Char

Spec Sheet

Watch: RocketChar 301 Biochar Stove FAQ's

RocketChar Biochar Furnaces

Our RocketChar Biochar Furnaces utilize rocket stove technology to create biochar from wood chips, wood pellets, corn, crop residues, hemp, cannabis, and other biomass. 


Whatever your biochar use is, from biochar in your gardens to biochar use on your farm or in drinking water filtration these machines are wonderful for making biochar for your personal needs. 


We currently have RocketChar units in stock and ready to ship. The Retail price is 40K. Contact us to reserve yours today.   Find out more about the Rocketchar Biochar Furnaces by Clicking HERE. 

Click on the PDF below to download the Spec sheet PDF for the Rocketchar biochar furnace. 

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