Biochar Equipment

We currently offer our customers 2 different types of Biochar Equipment options for converting biomass into heat, biochar, and carbon credits. 


For small scale low cost applications with heat needs in the 100k-200k BTU/hr range we recommend our RocketChar biochar systems. 

For large scale applications where more automation is required we also offer Biomacon technology from Germany that we produce here in the USA.  These systems range from 100k BTU/hr up to 1.5 Million BTU/hr.  

RocketChar Biochar Furnaces

Our RocketChar Biochar Furnaces utilize rocket stove technology to create biochar from wood chips, wood pellets, corn, crop residues, hemp, cannabis, and other biomass. We currently have 6 units in production which will be offered at a reduced price of 35K for early adopters. Retail price is 40K. Contect us to reserve yours today.  Rocketchar Biochar Furnaces.  Find out More about the Rocketchar Biochar Furnaces by Clicking below. 

Rocket Char

Spec Sheet



Built for Larger Scale Biochar Operations the Biomacon techonolgy, which hails from Germany, is built in the USA with systems that range from 100K BTU/hr up to 1.5 BTU/hr. Find out more details by clicking the downloadable spec sheets below.

Available Models

- Biomacon Tech Info

- Fuel Requirements Info

- BMC Pyrolysis Broiler

- C40-F

- C63-F

- C100-F

- C160-F

- C250-I

- C400-I

- C500-I

Biomacon Spec Sheets

Pyrolysis Boiler

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