Real Carbon Negative Technology for the

Real World

Gardens cultivated with biochar


Adding biochar to your gardens can boost yields. From increased microbial activity, increased water holding capacity, improving nutrient up take, and reducing fertilizer needs there are a wide variety of benefits. New research even suggests adding biochar can increase cold tolerance of some plants.

Reclaiming landwith Biochar

Reclamation and Remediation

Utilizing biochar for these types of projects has many advantages including the ability to stop contamination from leeching into ground water to reestablishing vegetation and reducing soil compaction. Biochar has the ability to bind toxins in the soil as well as provide a much higher chance of vegetating plants under poor soil conditions. Applications include highway right of ways, road and O&G sites, mines, industrial sites, etc.



There are many uses for biochar on farms and ranches from use as a seed coating, soil amendment, manure management, and even a feed supplement to provide health benefits to the animal.   

Turf & grass cultivated with natural and chemical-free biochar


From lawns to golf courses and sports fields biochar is gaining in popularity for it's ability to provide a natural and chemical free way to create healthy turf while reducing water inputs and fertilizer runoff.   

Biochar helps prevent contamination in ground water

Storm Water

Biochar has some unique properties including massive surface area that allow it to capture heavy metals, fertilizers, and other toxins from our creeks, ponds, and lakes as well as prevents this contamination from getting into our ground water.

Biochar gives trees droght resistance and increased nurient uptake


Biochar has shown some amazing benefits for trees in recent research from urban trees to shelter belts biochar provides benefits such as increased drought resistance and nutrient uptake.