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Wood Chips for Biochar Production - Before going into the Biochar Furnace

At High Plains Biochar we work with people who have wood & agricultural waste to generate heat, biochar, & carbon credits.
We utilize this revolutionary carbon negative biochar technology to benefit the earth & our communities as much as possible. 

High Plains Biochar, finished product after being burned in our biochar furnances
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What is Biochar?

Better than carbon neutral!

Biochar is a high-carbon, fine-grained residue that is created through a process called pyrolysis. In simple terms it is the burning of biomass such as wood chips,  leaves, mulch, sticks etc. in the absence of oxygen. 
With the use of biochar furnaces, high quality wood waste is turned into premium bio char which is then used for cultivating soil, reclamation, remediation, farming, feed, gardening, and more. As time goes on and more studies occur, we continue to find out about the amazing and numerous benefits of this compound.

Scroll down to find out more about some of the various uses of Biochar. 

Biochar Applications

Reclamation & 


Using biochar for these types of projects has many advantages including the ability to stop contamination from leeching into ground water to reestablishing vegetation and reducing soil compaction. Biochar has the ability to bind toxins in the soil as well as provide a much higher chance of vegetating plants under poor soil conditions. Applications include highway right of ways, road and O&G sites, mines, industrial sites, etc.

Storm Water

Biochar has some unique properties including massive surface area that allow it to capture heavy metals, fertilizers, and other toxins from our creeks, ponds, and lakes as well as prevents this contamination from getting into our ground water.


Biochar has shown some amazing benefits for trees in recent research from urban trees to shelter belts biochar provides benefits such as increased drought resistance and nutrient uptake.  


Adding biochar to your garden soil can boost plant yields. From increased microbial activity, increased water holding capacity, improving nutrient up take, and reducing fertilizer needs there are a wide variety of benefits. New research even suggests adding biochar can increase cold tolerance of some plants.

How to Use Bio-Char


There are many uses for biochar within agriculture, both on farms and ranches.  Biochar benefits include use as a seed coating, soil amendment, manure management, and even a feed supplement to provide health benefits to the animal as well as help reduce methane emissions from cows. 

Turf & Lawns

From biochar for lawn care to golf courses and sports fields, this grow media is gaining in popularity for it's ability to provide a natural and chemical free way to create healthy turf & a greener grass while reducing water inputs and fertilizer runoff.   


Let us be wise stewards over the earth so that we may all share it responsibly and protect it for the future generations.