Why Biochar?

Biochar is a special type of charcoal made from cooking organic material at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen.

This process creates a carbon-rich product that is extremely porous with massive amounts of surface area, essentially a blank carbon sponge. As a soil amendment this sponge retains water and nutrients as well as provides a home for beneficial micro-organisms to thrive.

Biochar: Helping Everything from Soil Fertility to Odor Reduction

Benefits of Biochar:

  • Sequesters carbon in soil, mitigating climate change.

  • Premium raw biochar to supercharge your soil; 85% organic carbon

  • 100% natural soil conditioner for healthier plants

  • Benefits to your soil that last 100's of years

  • Responsibly made with 100% recycled pine wood waste

Biochar on USFS logging sites

What is Biochar?

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