Recycling Program:

Turning waste into Biochar

Due to the wide variety of feed stock that can be converted into heat and biochar we are doing our part to help divert waste from the Laramie landfill and instead turn it into two useful products. This is a list of what we currently accept.


We accept usable  pallets that are between 42" and 48" square.  

Wood chips:

We accept clean wood chips of any species.  There cannot be any large chunks of wood or other foreign objects such as rocks, metal, etc..

Animal Bedding:

We accept clean animal bedding free of rocks and other foreign objects.


We accept all kinds of animal manure as long as it is free of foreign objects such as rocks and metal.

Coffee Grounds:

We accept used coffee grounds.

Spend Brewers Grains:

We accept spent brewers grains from local brewers.


If you have material you would like to recycle with use please contact 307-761-5508 or  

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