Biochar Application Rates

​Application rates for Biochar:

Rates vary by soil type but a good rule of thumb for most applications is for biochar to make up around 2-10% of the soil used by your plants roots. For pots mix biochar evenly with soil. For flower beds and gardens focus on the top 6 inches of soil. For yards it is best to apply to the top 3 inches of soil before planting or after aerating for existing lawns. For trees it’s best to add to the soil as seedlings or put directly under the root ball when planting but can also be applied to existing trees by spreading on the surface or by drilling holes around the drip line and filling with biochar. Powdered biochar is applied  at a rate of 1 quart per 200 gallons of water.

For soil applications we recommend applying raw biochar in a 50/50 blend with manure or compost by whatever means are available on the farm.  In an ideal world incorporating amendments is the best but they can be applied on the surface with things like manure spreaders or other equipment.

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