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 Continutiki Stoves

Watch: The Continutiki Biochar Stove 

Watch: Loading the Continutiki Biochar Stove

About Continutiki Stoves

The Continutiki works with larger chunky materials like woody biomass and coconut shells as well as with stringy materials like hemp/corn/sunflowers stalks and grassy material. This system is a huge improvement over the traditional Kon Tiki because we reduce the labor required to operate with an auger for unloading automatically. We reduce the amount of water needed to quence the biochar. We are able to process larger chunks and cook them completely due to the internal grate which also makes the finished project more consistent in size and avoids large unburned chunks which are common in traditional Kon Tiki kilns. The biggest improvement we made is containing the flames which allows us to control oxygen, reduce emissions, and reduce the risk of starting a fire which is much greater when you

have open flames like a traditional Kon Tiki kiln. This stove also allows you to use the heat generated which is not possible using a traditional Kon Tiki kiln. Options include air and liquid heat exchangers

Watch: The world's first continuous Kon Tiki

White Brick Wall

The Continutiki SpecSheet


Contact Zach Ferris at 307-343-0367 or for more information.

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