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The Boulder Biochar Barrel Stoves


In a world where carbon removal from the atmosphere is a top priority, High Plains Biochar offers a straightforward solution.


Our Boulder Biochar Barrel stoves use stainless kegs to convert various forms of waste including wood chips, corn stalks, hemp stalks, coffee, and just about any other organic material including wet materials into biochar.


These biochar stoves are specifically designed for small-scale and personal biochar production, making them ideal for smaller private properties, greenhouses, and shop buildings.


The technology is highly energy efficient, al stainless, and simple to operate.  They include a built in 1,000F thermometer and the air vents can be used to control temperature.  


Unlike other biochar technologies that are complicated, expensive, or not made to last, the Boulder Biochar Barrel is simple, affordable, and built to withstand the heat/weather with all stainless construction. This is for people from Indiana to India who have biomass waste and want to turn it into heat and biochar.   You can use readily available


  • air heat exchangers

on these stoves. We are also have options for

and a simple

**The Boulder Biochar Barrel is not rated for use as a residential heater.**

The Boulder Biochar Barrel by High Plains Biochar

Boulder Biochar Barrel Overview by High Plains Biochar

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Boulder Biochar Barrel Stove Specsheet

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