Carbon Negative Technologies

We currently offer our customers 2 different options for converting biomass into heat, biochar, and carbon credits.  For small scale low cost applications with heat needs in the 100k-200k BTU/hr range we recommend our Rowdy Rocket Retort biochar systems.  For applications where more automation is required we also offer Biomacon technology from Germany that we produce here in the USA.  These systems range from 100k BTU/hr up to 1.5 Million BTU/hr.  


Our Rowdy Rocket Retort utilizes rocket stove technology to create biochar from wood chips, wood pellets, corn, crop residues, and other biomass. 

With much of the world looking for ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere High Plains Biochar has a very simple solution.  Our patent pending Rowdy Rocket Retort utilizes rocket stove technology to create biochar from wood chips, wood pellets, corn, crop residues, and other biomass.  This is the worlds first continuous rocket stove designed specifically for the production of biochar.  Because this technology does not require electric fans for moving air the power consumption is only a fraction of the other technologies available making this among the most energy efficient continuous biochar technologies in the world.  This is real carbon negative technology for the real world.  

Most existing biochar technology is really not carbon negative.  Most require lot of electricity for fans to move air, do not utilize the heat produced, require fossil fuels to operate, or the or even use electricity to heat a tube. 

What makes our Rowdy Rocket Retort technology different

1. Power consumption.  Because rocket stoves draft naturally we do not require large electric fans to operate.  Just a minimum amount of electricity to operate augers to move biomass through the retort. We also do not require fossil fuels for startup, operation, or fuel drying.  

2. Heat utilization.  Because this heat is useable the carbon footprint of this technology is much different than technology that wastes the heat produced.  This can be done with air/air heat exchangers tied to duct work to move heated air or with air/water heat exchangers so the heated liquid can be piped for other uses. 

3. Emissions. Because our industrial rocket stoves burn in excess of 2,000 degrees the emissions are minimized.  Most biochar equipment never gets closet to these temps so they inevitably produce a lot more smoke and emissions.  

4, Flexibility.  Because of the design our Rowdy Rocket Retort can burn a variety of feedstock including those with some moisture content, up to 30%.  Wood chips, wood pellets, hemp, agricultural residue, etc will all work in our equipment.

5. Time control. Because our augers are independently controlled we can adjust dwell time depending on the feedstock to maximize efficiency.  Other equipment does not offer this kind of control over the quality of biochar produced.

We are currently seeking strategic partners to commercialize this technology.  Please contact if you are interested.